Krystal Klebine

Krystal Hardy

OMR team member- Krystal represents the values of Ornery Mule Racing


Kindness ♦ Community ♦ Ordinary people doing epic things

We value the kindness Krystal shows welcoming new runners. Krystal was “Timber” the SNB Squirrel Earth Day trail races. Her daughter Kaylee volunteered at the aid station (pictures are below)

Age: 35
Hometown: Ridgway, PA

“"I'm not an elite athlete. I'm not fast. I have a full time job and I'm a single Mom. I don't follow a training plan or nutrition plan. I'm literally out here doing what I can when I can. I'm not perfect...but I'll tell ya what...I LOVE trail and ultra running. I LOVE the community and the people I've met. I LOVE how my confidence has soared. I LOVE being out here with a smile. And I only see things getting better and better. “

Where you live now, and number of years you’ve lived in current state: Plainfield, IL and I've lived in Illinois for 23 years. 

Family – kids, spouse/partner/best friends: I have 1 amazing daughter Kaylee (8), lots of wonderful friends and family.

Occupation and how many years at job? I'm a Preschool Assistant Teacher have been working at St. Paul Lutheran School for 11 years. 

When and why did you start trail running? I started running trails in 2016 after many years of road running. A friend asked me to join her on a run on trails in Petersburg, Illinois and I fell in love with being in the woods.

What is your favorite distance to run? I really enjoy the half marathon and 50 mile distances. 

What race accomplishment are you most proud of? I'm proud of all of my races! They are all different, and I always put my best effort into everything I do. 

What, for you, is the best part about volunteering at trail races? Volunteering is something that is very important to me. Helping others is what makes us good human beings, sharing in experiences with each other humbles us. 

What have you learned from trail running? I have learned that I don't have to be fast and furious, but rather happy and comfortable! I give my all but it's not like road running where I felt I had to compete with everyone else. I'm only running for myself out there on the trails.

What advice would you give someone considering getting into trail running or racing? I think that if anyone is wanting to try trail running I'd say GO FOR IT! Enjoy the slower pace, the beauty, and think of it as a hike in the woods. And be ready to make new friends (the best part!) 

Do you have any goal/big trail races in 2019? I have a few bigger races in 2019 (Kettle 100k, Temptation 200k, and a self supported 163 mile run with a few friends) plus some half marathons and 2 50k's,  but my main focus for 2019 will be volunteering and helping at races. 

What is your favorite pre-race meal? Sushi! It sounds strange but it's a good mix of both carbs and protein, and it's super yummy! 

What is your guilty pleasure meal? I eat everything, but candy is my ultimate guilty pleasure. If you know me you know that I am fueled by candy! 

Kaylee volunteering at Earth Day

Kaylee volunteering at Earth Day

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