Meet "Frenchy" James Lambert


I met James “Frenchy” about 4 years ago when he registered for his first 100 mile race at Hennepin Hundred. It was also my first year directing the race. James asked questions, showed excitement, and made a point to get to know others running the race. He lived miles away, but we all felt like we knew him already when he showed up on race day. He helped ease my nerves of being a new 100 mile Race Director and I would hope I helped ease his nerves to finish his first 100 mile race. There were many tears when he crossed the Hennepin 100 mile finish line.

James has a great quality to instantly be everyone’s friend. He is kind, friendly and has a pure joy for life. Having a friend in “Frenchy” is a great gift. We are honored to have James on the Ornery Mule Racing team!

Follow his adventures and be inspired.

~Happy trails, Michele

Enjoy getting to know James “Frenchy” a little better ♥

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Age: 49
Hometown: Sorde l'Abbaye - France

Where you live now, and number of years you’ve lived in current state: Been living in St.Louis, MO for over 14 years. Living in the Midwest while training for mountain races is tough. You need to be creative to get the Vert you seek

Family – kids, spouse/partner/best friends: 2 amazing kids Harry 14 and Charlotte 13 and engaged to Ultrarunner Denise "Tiny D" Bourassa. Denise is stronger and faster than me. She kicks my butt all the time

Occupation and how many years at job? I have been working in New York for 20 years. I am the VP of a wholesale seafood company. I supply restaurants and hotels in NY with fresh seafood. My job is to eat and drink with a bunch of famous Chefs 

When and why did you start trail running? 2012. I retired from playing recreational soccer and started road running.  I then signed up for a local Trail Race and got hooked. The people, the vibes, the friendships, the surroundings... Plus, pavement sucks and Trail running is FUN

What is your favorite distance to run? I really enjoy the 100k distance but the 100 milers are my thing. More mental games

What race accomplishment are you most proud of? I would answer by saying.. I am most proud of having the confidence to show up at the start of races I could only dream about 5 years ago. I have zero talent. Just hard work and dedication. This year, I am in the lotteries of UTMB, Hardrock and Western States... Lots of sacrifices to put myself in that position 

What, for you, is the best part about volunteering at trail races? Giving back to the community. Also supporting good people in successfully achieving their Ultra journey. Cheering on them at the Aid stations and making sure they are pampered

What have you learned from trail running? That we are stronger and faster than we think. Also that ordinary people like myself can achieve extraordinary things by training hard. Last, the body will do whatever the mind tells the body to do

What advice would you give someone considering getting into trail running or racing? Sign up first then train for that race. Too often I see people waiting for the perfect moment or intimidated by the magnitude of committing to an Ultra. Just sign up and train for it. Reach out to other more seasoned runners. The community is amazing. Find a trail running club and join some group runs. Also work on core and strength because it is not just about running. Last... Eat well, sleep well, recover well and have FUN

Do you have any goal/big trail races in 2019? I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon - bucket list. Big Trail races? Istria 100 in Croatia, Old Cascadia 100 in Oregon and Javelina 100 in the fall

What is your favorite pre-race meal? Pasta with alfredo sauce and crunchy broccoli

What is your guilty pleasure meal? Come again? I sell fish for living... Definitely lobster and crab

James & his fiance Denise Bourassa

James & his fiance Denise Bourassa

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