Meet Christian Jensen


Age: 41

Birthday is 09/22/1977

Hometown: Wauconda Il.

Currently reside as a home owner in Crystal Lake Illinois. Been here for almost 9 years, lived in Illinois for 39 years. Was born in Salinas California on Fort Ord Army base and lived as a baby in Monterey.

Family: Melissa Jensen, wife and best friend of 18 years married 12. Two children Melody rose 10 and Corey Rain 8.

Occupation: Owner and Master Instructor at American Freestyle Martial Arts in Cary Il. This is our 10th year serving our community as AFMA Team Jensen Inc.

Why I began trail running:  Something happened after I completed the Chicago Marathon 2017, I didn’t take any time off and kept running long distances through winter. The next thing I knew I was searching races and found the Frozen Gnome 50k. A conversation over that last summer led me to seek out M.U.D.D. and Jeffery Lenard. After a training run with him and a few others, I was in awe. Running with him and listening to stories of crazy distances these guys had run just blew me away. After that I started spending more time in the trails.  The next thing you know there I was at the starting line of The Frozen Gnome, my first 50k.

My favorite distance to run: Not all runs are the same, on the street my favorite training run is 10 miles its long enough to put your mind in that special place and short enough to go fast. In the Trails (V.A.)  12 miles Ish.  Allows all the sensory input from the mud, snow, ice and rocks to challenge the footing just enough.

The race accomplishment I am most proud of: Is hard to say, Earth day 50k 2018 is the first time I placed in my age at anything! So that was exciting, But Completing the Potawatomi 50 mile was my longest ever run and most enlightening mentally and physically thus far.

The best part of volunteering at a race would be: Getting to be that cow bell ahead letting someone know they are getting close. I hope to pull that one person up out of darkness or fill a person with the sound of all they had done.

What have I learned from trail running: There are many way to define a run.

What advice would I give to someone getting into trail running or racing: Ease into speed, if you run the road often trails will tax muscles you don’t normally use it is easy to get injured. If you plan to run far don’t forget to charge your phone anything can happen.

My big goal for 2019: Completing my first 100mile at Kettle Moraine. 

My favorite Pre-Race meal is Chicken, Rice and steamed vegetables.

My Guilty pleasure meal is Pizza and a good IPA! 

Michele Hartwig